Webinar Signup

Ready for a demonstration of how TCIT can ease the back-office burdens of your tax credit investment accounting? We’re offering our very first limited-access webinar demonstration on Thursday, February 21st at 1:00 p.m. EST.

We’ve put three years of development into building a solution that’s automatic, accurate, and audit-ready. We’re excited to show it off to you.

We’ll walk you through the simple process of uploading a benefit schedule. We’ll show you how TCIT instantly recalculates your amortization schedule, IRR, and NPV. We’ll show you how it automates your journal entries, schedule BA reports, and K-1 true-ups. And we’ll show off some of the advanced monitoring you can do of your portfolio’s performance.

We’re looking for a few volunteers to contribute benefit schedules to run through TCIT during the webinar. You’ll get a free validation of your benefit schedule, a check of your amortization schedule, and more.