Webinar Signup

Ready for a demonstration of how TCIT can ease the back-office burdens of your tax credit investment accounting? We’re offering our very first limited-access webinar demonstration on Tuesday, December 17 at 2:00PM EST.

We’ve put three years of development into building a solution that’s automatic, accurate, and audit-ready. We’re excited to show it off to you.

We’ll walk you through the simple process of uploading a benefit schedule. We’ll show you how TCIT instantly recalculates your amortization schedule, IRR, and NPV. We’ll show you how it automates your journal entries, schedule BA reports, and K-1 true-ups. And we’ll show off some of the advanced monitoring you can do of your portfolio’s performance.

If you’re ready for tax credit accounting to be simple, sign up for our webinar today. Or contact us to set up a one-on-one demonstration.