Product Highlights

Screenshots of the TCIT application

Investor Benefit Schedules


Import your investor benefit schedules to TCIT’s secure, validated, cloud-based central database. Everyone has instant access to the latest schedule of tax credits, tax benefits, and contributions.

Internal Rate of Return


Monitor your tax credit performance on a consistent basis and invest intelligently with real time automated internal rate of return calculation.

Investor Benefit Schedule and K-1


Update tax credits, tax benefits, contribution schedule and K-1 true-ups in seconds while maintaining integrity of prior versions.



TCIT supports Proportional, Practical Expedient, Effective Yield, Equity and Cost methods of amortization. TCIT instantly recalculates IRR and related amortization schedules when fund data is  updated.

Journal Entries


TCIT creates all journal entries for your tax credit investment portfolio, in accordance with GAAP and statutory accounting principles. You’re instantly audit-ready.

Schedule BA


TCIT formats NAIC Schedule BA parts 1,2 and 3 with related notes for you. Save time with simplified compliance.


Cash Contributions

TCIT maintains the schedule of cash contributions and actual payments allowing for real time visibility of cash requirements and forecasting.